Fireworks in the Courtroom on Day Four of the Maness Murder Trial

MARCH 23, 2006 -- On day four of the Darrell Maness murder trial, there were fireworks in the courtroom between the prosecution and the defense, all over a flashlight.  Maness is the man charged with killing Boiliing Spring Lakes Police Officer Mitch Prince.

Thursday, the trial was tense as lawyers tried to sort through confusing witness testimony. One of Wednesday's witnesses had to recant his testimony.  SBI agent Steven Combs admitted he incorrectly identified evidence from a crime scene picture.  Combs contends he was misled.

Combs and the jury were excused from the courtroom while Judge Hooks and the lawyers discussed how to proceed.  The argument was over identifying a flashlight.  It may seem minor but the defense team apparently wanted jurors to think if investigators are sloppy identifying the flashlight, their testimony could be questionable on far more important issues.

Reported by Ashley Hayes