Brunswick County Schools Could See Bibles on Campus

MARCH 23, 2006 -- Brunswick County students may soon see bibles on public school campuses.  The Brunswick County School Board voted three-to-two to allow the Christian group "The Gideons" to distribute bibles to secondary school students. Although it's still in the planning stage, this move is already causing concern for those who want to keep church and state separate.

The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina released a statement to WECT.

"There were numerous court decisions that had struck down the distribution of bibles in public schools. We are very concerned about this situation and whether it will violate the Constitution."

School board vice president Shirley Babson, who voted for the measure, says many parents are on her side.

The school board is working on a written policy. That policy will have to pass two readings at the school board before it is finalized.