Consider This: Fish for Tomorrow

MARCH 22, 2006 -- For many people, there is nothing more exciting than grabbing the rod and reel and heading to the beach to enjoy a good day of fishing. Thanks to an extensive conservation plan, there are plenty of Red Drum now being caught in North Carolina's coastal waters.

And now a large replenishing effort is underway with another favorite for local anglers, the flounder. A flounder hatchery, currently in operation at South Brunswick High School, will release thousands of flounder into coastal waters this spring. But more will have to be done to make sure there are plenty of flounder for our children and grandchildren to catch years from now. An organization named "Fish For Tomorrow" hopes to build a saltwater research facility in the Wilmington area. It's an idea and plan we wholeheartedly endorse.

Building such a facility is going to take a lot of money. There are some estimates as high as $5-million. Grants from the state and federal government are possible, but it's going to take private money as well. So if you're asked to give a donation to "Fish For Tomorrow," give freely and think about what that donation will do. Something has to be done now to save our fish population, and this is an excellent way to start that effort.

That's what we think, tell us what you think.