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I always try to be considerate of other people when I smoke, and so do most of the people I know. I do not look to your channel to tell me when or how!!!  Why do you not go after city buses and other forms of polluters that put out more smoke in one day, than I would in a life time? this makes me very angry! I am very aware of the harm of second hand smoke, but it does not take a rocket scientist to see that some are just against smokers no matter what. why do you not report on some of that! Before it is all over you may wish you had not opened this can of worms.  HELLLLLLOOOO!!!   We know the effects of tobacco!! (unsigned)


Being a Southner "The way we did it up north" usually turns me off to what follows, but in the case of a ban on smoking, the state of New York has it right.  There is no smoking in any public building in the entire state.  This includes the bars!  It is so nice to have dinner and not smell smoke coming from the "smoking" area. Strange as it may seem, it has not caused any business to close their doors.  If it works there it would work here!  When will our state legislators find the courage to enact such a law?  Lewis Alford


My husband and I believe that smoking should be banned in all restaurants in every state.  There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a great meal, when the people around start lighting up those nasty, smelly cigarettes.  I do not want to be inhaling second hand smoke and endanger my health. 

 Thank you. Dale & Pam Dykhuizen


We are a family that owns a restaurant in Southport and we are very much in favor of a ban on smoking in restaurants.  Our concern is not only for our customers but for our employees.  They are the ones who have to be subjected to the smoke for several hours as they serve their patrons.  Also, some of our servers are young women who may become pregnant and be affected in the early stage of their pregnancies.  Thank you so much for speaking up and taking this stand.  Having a "smoking" and "non-smoking" section is not adequate.....the smoke finds its way everywhere.   Jane Phipps


To whom it may concern:

I think people should have a choice: Whether to eat at a smoking or a non-smoking restaurant. Let the restaurants decide if they are a smoking or non-smoking restaurant. That way it would be fair to everyone. Thank you, T. Tholen


Thank you for putting this idea out there.  After spending considerable time in California where smoking is banned in all public places, I HATE coming back to NC and smelling like smoke every time I come out of a bar or popular restaurant.  It’s time to stop killing innocent people by allowing secondhand smoke.  Smoking is an archaic notion!!!


P.S. I feel I should mention that I am the granddaughter of a North Carolina tobacco farmer.  Courtney Carter


Hoooray!!!! What would be any intelligent decision to permit smoking in any public place, not just restaurants?????  My lungs work everywhere, so let's stop it in any public place where people are gathered. I think that an x-ray picture of smokers lungs should be a requirement on each package of tobacco sold.  YUK!!! Dick Clark


Congratulations on an idea and a change that is long overdue. Since moving to the greater Wilmington area two years ago, I have had to leave establishments where the "non-smoking area" was unbearable and made me sick. Please make smoking in public places illegal. Thank you. Lynn Hickey


I live in upper New York State and we have a no smoking

law in all our Restaurants and just about anywhere else.

It is really pleasant to go out to eat and not smell the

stink of tobacco around you or in your clothes, because

five years ago my husband and I stopped smoking in one

day and have never missed it, so if we can live with out

other peoples smoke I'm sure they can learn to live with

out it to.  


 Keep up the good work and hope you make it happen.


Annette Van Apperloo


There should be a ban on smoking especially in public places.  We are all for a ban.

Stella Murphy


My wife and I agree with you completely.  Even with smoking sections the air is still contaminated with second-hand smoke, so we only frequent restaurants with no smoking allowed.  If such a smoking ban were implemented we would be able to visit any restaurant without fear of second-hand smoke ruining our meal.  Thomas M. McLamb


I personally think if people choose to slowly kill themselves, that’s their right, but they shouldn't be allowed to smoke around others who do not want to be around smoke. Eating establishments most of all. I have decided alot to stay away from public restaurants because of the smoke, makes us sick! We are all for banning smoking in public restaurants! Kelly Hines


As a non-smoker I appreciate the consideration shown for no-smoking restrictions in public areas. There is however the question of an individual right to choose their own lifestyle. I see a continual trend in the government’s intrusion into our personal lives. I think in the case of dining facilities I would suggest that the proper approach would be to allow the present rules to remain, that is to have set aside areas for smoking and non-smoking. The present problem with the existing rules is that there never has been a requirement for an exhaust air system in the smoking section.


Fans with the proper cfm airflows for the area size, exhausting out of the building are necessary. Facilities should be allowed to decide for themselves whether they wish to allow smoking or be smoke free. If they decide to maintain an area for smokers then they need to fully comply with such an arrangement. We will never legislate smoking out of our culture any more than we have been able to legislate illegal drugs. People who want to smoke will smoke.....They are willing to ignore the health risks. The best we can hope for is to safeguard ourselves from them without legislating their lives away.


William Fotheringham


Absolutely think smoking should be banned from all public places. Harriet Schroeder


I moved to North Carolina a little over five years ago from FL.  There has been a ban on smoking in public places for many years in FL.  I knew coming to NC, a tobacco growing state was going to be a challenge.  It has been a mystery to me why people have to smoke when going to a convenience store.  They are usually only there a few minutes, but insist on smoking.  There are many places where I haven't been able to get gas, if I had to go inside to pay for it, because of the smoke.  It is also very difficult to go somewhere to eat and have smoking there.  Yes, they have smoking and non-smoking sections, but many times a non-smoker has to pass through a smoking section to use the restroom, or the sections are so close together that the smoke floats over to the non-smoking section.  Food tastes so much better, when smoke is absent, I don't get why persons can't eat and then go outside or home to smoke.  Also, many of the area hospitals allow smoking right outside of the building, even though they do not allow smoking inside.  Therefore, we have to go through the smoke to enter the hospital, even the emergency room entrance.   I certainly would applaud lawmakers, if they would step up and ban smoking in public places in NC.  With the rise in deaths from lung cancer, it is the only responsible way to act upon this problem.  Thank you, Sandi Korth


It's about time someone recognized the fact that just because restaurants have separate smoking/non-smoking sections doesn't mean much!  Most places the smoke permeates everywhere in the building even the ones that have separate heating/cooling systems for each sections, even the ones that have smoke eaters to remove smoke!  I don't like to taste smoke!  I don't like to smell like smoke!  I don't like to be around smokers because they reek of smoke!  I don't like the smokers that blow smoke in your face just to be doing it (because it's their right?)!  What about my right to be smoke free!  I select the places that I eat in on whether the place is all non-smoking or not, when I have a choice. I applaud your management for your stand against smoking in public, also it should address the gathering of smokers around the entrance of establishments that restrict smoking. I dislike the fact that I have to run the gauntlet of smoke and smokers that block the entrances and God help you if you say anything about your right to enter that place. AL HURST


First of all, I am a smoker. I don't smoke around people that it bothers. Restaurants have non smoking areas for people that do not wish to be close to it. That's more than I can say about drinkers. They are able to drink where ever they want to. All this "research" about second hand smoke,,how do we know it's really the true outcome? Dana Reeves just died, she was a non smoker. What about all the air we breathe? Big trucks with smoke coming out, and these cars on the road? Rivers and streams full of toxic waste. How many people smoke a cigarette or two and get in the car and kill someone? You like to grill steaks? Think about the smoke you are breathing in. It's not all from cigarettes. They should tax alcohol more, and make drinkers sit and one area. I am offended when I go out to eat and have to be around alcohol. They need to do more research on what it does to your body. Why is drinking ok with people and smoking is not? Give me a break. Kathy Krimminger


I totally agree to the ban on smoking in restaurants.  Even in those with smoking/no smoking sections, you can still smell the smoke.  I refuse to eat in establishments where I can't enjoy a meal without smelling someone's second-hand smoke.  There are two restaurants that have good food here in Hampstead, but you have to go through the smoking section to get to the main dining room in both of them and I won't eat there anymore.  I don't enjoy going out to dinner and then having to come home and put my clothes in the laundry and take a shower to get rid of the odor.

Sharron Swann


All I can say is, “it’s about time”!!  Let hope this is passed!!!  Dana Reeve’s death is proof that second hand smoke can be a killer as she was never a smoker.  Pam O’Connor



great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thomas Flynn



NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (unsigned)



In response to your suggestion that we ban smoking in all restaurants – I ask a simple WHY?  Smoking (like drinking) is a choice of adult citizens who pay dearly in high taxes to enjoy what they consider a privilege.  If individual business decides to implement a “No Smoking” policy it is their choice, but for those who want the privilege of allowing smoking – you are suggesting taking away their right to do so.  If you are an avid non-smoker then don’t patronize the establishments that allow it.  Example:  If you don’t like the foods a certain restaurant serves, don’t go there – If you don’t like the atmosphere at certain restaurants, don’t go there. Instead you are suggesting the government get ever more involved in you daily lives and change the foods and atmosphere to suit you.  I don’t like the smell of cigar smoke, so I don’t go to cigar bars.  I don’t like the noise of children screaming and playing so I don’t go to establishments that are geared towards them.  If you don’t like smoking, don’t go to establishments that allow it.  This is not rocket science.

What is the difference in you controlling alcohol and tobacco?  I don’t see you asking the State to make restaurants stop serving alcohol when there are just as many (if not more) deaths due to alcohol related diseases.  I don’t see anyone suing the State for wrongful death due to alcohol related diseases or “second hand” consumption (drunk driving accidents that involve innocent people) even though the State controls all alcohol sales including the ABC stores.  What is the difference?

Lastly, are you willing to replace the lost tax base dependant on tobacco?  As adults are forced into YOUR way of life (non-smoking) – the taxes will have to increase somewhere to replace the monies lost.  Maybe you can start paying a tax for the privilege of not smoking.

CHOICE – it is way we fight to be AMERICANS.

 Jan Hinton