Are you on the scene of news that WECT TV should know about. Be the first to send something our way and you could earn yourself one of our new baseball caps! Use your cell phone to take a picture, and send it right from the scene. It might just end up on the air, or on our website!

Please note the following rules and limitations regarding your submittals.

  • Please submit your digital breaking news pics via phone-mail or e-mail to
  • By submitting the image(s), you give permission to WECT TV6 to use those images on the air and on, if we choose, without expecting payment in any form.
  • The image(s) will be entered into a contest, and the winning image will receive a WECT baseball cap. The decision as to the best image will be left to the news director or his designed substitute. They will be judged several ways, to include the timeliness of the submission, as well as the news value of the subject matter.
  • By submitting the image(s), you agree that the images may be modified to better fit a news format. We will not change the validity of the image, though they may be cropped and/or enhanced.
  • The image(s) submitted may be used for promotional and news purposes on the air and on our web.
  • By submitting the image(s), you agree that you will not send the same or similar images to other media without permission of the news director at WECT.