Vandals Target Cars With Spray Paint

MARCH 2, 2006 -- Vandals with a can of red paint have residents of several neighborhoods seeing red. Not only are they angry, but they have work to do.

Kathy Finch is able to take in stride what would make most people furious. She's just one of many residents in several Wilmington neighborhoods victimized in a rash of overnight vandalism. They made the discovery just after waking up and spent the morning on damage control.

The vandals seemed to target lighter colored cars and much of the graffiti consisted of derogatory phrases. The vandalism wasn't just confined to one street. Whoever went on the crime spree hit up more than one neighborhood along Market Street, including homes off Eastwood Drive.

The incident has neighbors disturbed, but they say they won't change their routines because of it. Police are assuring them this is an isolated incident and they believe it was the act of kids.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson