Whiteville Woman on Wheel of Fortune

FEBRUARY 23, 2006 -- Whiteville resident Sue Hawks made her debut on Wheel of Fortune Thursday night. She was a contestant on the show, which was filmed in December in Ft. Lauderdale.

"It's actually very difficult to get on. They are very selective. What I did was I applied online on the Wheel of Fortune sweepstakes. I entered my husband, my daughter and myself every night for a couple of weeks last summer. Out of a half million people, they selected my husband's entry," says Hawks.

She says it took more than entering to get on the show.

"We had to take a written test, a fill in the blank written test, that you have to do. When we won the sweepstakes, we both auditioned," says Hawks.

But only Sue was picked to be on the show. She first tried out to be a contestant in 1979, so it took close to 30 years to get a chance to spin the wheel.

In the end, Sue did not win the jackpot. As she puts it, the wheel can be cruel. But she did take a nice check back to Whiteville, which is a pay-off thirty years in the making.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer