CAROLINA BEACH STATE PARK PROGRAM CALENDAR FOR MARCH 2006 All programs are free to the general public and everyone is invited to attend. Most programs last approximately one hour. For more information, call the park's visitor center at (910) 458-8206. DATE PROGRAM TIME Sat. 3/4/06 Carnivorous Plant Hike 10:00 AM Sun. 3/5/06 Firing It Up 2:00 PM Sat. 3/11/06 Snakes in the Park 10:00 AM Sun. 3/12/06 Carnivorous Plant Hike 2:00 PM Sat. 3/18/06 Carnivorous Plant Hike 10:00 AM Sun. 3/19/06 Reading Animal Signs 2:00 PM Sat. 3/25/06 Reading Animal Signs 10:00 AM Sun. 3/26/06 Carnivorous Plant Hike 2:00 PM Carnivorous Plant Hike - Take a hike with a park ranger and learn about the fascinating world of carnivorous plants that grow at Carolina Beach State Park. See plants that "bite back" such as sundews, bladderworts, butterworts, pitcher plants, and the venus fly trap. Meet at the Nature Trail Parking Lot. Firing It Up - Join a park ranger to learn why and how park staff conduct prescribed burns in the park. You will also see what equipment is needed and learn how it works. Meet at the Nature Trail Parking Lot. Reading Animal Signs - Come join a park ranger for this program to learn about the animals that call Carolina Beach State Park home and how to tell where they have come and gone. The ranger will have animal mounts, pelts, wings, talons, antlers and more to look at and pass around. Meet at the visitor center. Snakes in the Park - Come learn about the snakes that live in Carolina Beach State Park. He will talk about non-venomous and venomous snakes, and show you how to tell the difference with only a snake's shed skin.