Piedmont Plane Flies Again

FEBRUARY 20, 2006 -- With the rev of an engine and the spin of propellers, the DC-3 made a grand landing Sunday on a day resembling its inaugural flight. The DC-3 is just one of the many planes that carried passengers throughout Southeastern North Carolina, the country, and eventually the world. It was a part of the Piedmont Airlines legacy.

Founded by Tom Davis, the legendary Winston-Salem based airline often began routes in Wilmington. In 1989, US Air bought Piedmont Airlines in a $1.5 billion merger.

Now, the history is kept alive in a nearly 400 page book titled Piedmont: Flight of the Pacemaker. It's the work of journalists Frank Elliot and Elizabeth Norfleet. It has stories of the Piedmont family from the business perspective to the comraderie that Piedmont was so famous for.

Hundreds of former Piedmont employees, family members and aviation lovers lined up Sunday to get their copies of the historical compilation signed.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson