Marines Report for Duty Overseas, Others Return Home

FEBRUARY 13, 2006 -- A Marine battalion that lost 16 members in seven months of combat has completed a weekend-long homecoming.

The 900 members of the Second Battalion, Second Marine Regiment, also known as the "Warlords," reunited with relatives at a Camp Lejeune field house. A blanket with names of the combat victims hung as a reminder.

About 13,000 troops are scheduled to return to Camp Lejeune in the coming weeks as the Marines rotate out of Iraq and are replaced by troops from other bases. Besides the Second Battalion, about 100 troops from the Second Marine Expeditionary Force came home Saturday and about 240 from Marine Aviation logistics Squadron-26 were due back Monday after nearly a year in Iraq.

Other Marines are leaving Camp Lejeune for Iraq, including 130 troops in the Second Transportation Support Battalion, who are scheduled for a seven-month deployment. Members of the Light-Attack Helicopter Squadron-269 are leaving for six months in Iraq.

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