Residents Urge Police for Protection

FEBRUARY 10, 2006 -- There was a passionate plea this week to Wilmington city leaders to clean up the Red Cross Street neighborhood. It's an area one community activist says law enforcement officers have left behind.

Several recent shootings in the area have left some residents fearing for their lives. Hollis Briggs says drug-dealing and prostitution are rarely reported because residents fear becoming a target.

Police Captain Marshal Williamson says the force is aware of the problems and working to fix them.

"First of all we have to build trust, pride, and enthusiasm back into the community," says Capt. Williamson.

At St. Phillip A.M.E. Church, Briggs hopes to meet with concerned residents and police officers to talk about the issues. He wants to schedule that meeting in a couple of weeks. Police say they're already working to take back control in the neighborhood and make it a place people want to call home.

Reported by Sarah Warlick