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Dateless on Valentine’s Day? No problem: 7 innovative ways to celebrate

By Daisy Whitney

If you just want to have fun on a dateless Valentine's Day, you can do that too, says Lisa Daily, author of "Stop Getting Dumped!"

1. Throw a Trade-Your-Ex party
Your trash could be someone else's treasure. "Throw a singles-only party where everybody brings an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who was nice but just wasn't ‘The One,'" she says. "Add snacks, maybe a few mixed drinks, and you've got yourself a Valentine's Day blast. You might even meet someone fabulous. At the very least, you'll unload your ex."

2. Vegas, baby
Gather some friends, book a cheap flight and head to the singles-friendly haven. Try a little indoor skydiving, flirt with a showgirl or Elvis, and blow a month's worth of laundry money on the slots, Daily says. "If you do it right, you won't even remember it's February 14," Daily says.

3. Book a spa day
Pamper yourself and spend the whole day at a spa.

4. Do your taxes
Think of it this way: every restaurant in town is going to be booked anyway, so get that huge weight off your shoulders. 

5. Throw an anti-love movie fest
"Invite a few friends, load up on slashers and cheese-corn, and camp out on the sofa. Nothing will keep your mind Valentine's Day-free like screaming until you're hoarse and scaring the crap out of yourself and five or six or your closest pals," Daily says.

6. Babysit for some married friends or a single parent with a hot date
It's not glamorous, but the good karma should follow you for the year.

7. Throw a Pajama Party or Poker Night
How about an evening of junk food, amateur pedicures and girl talk? Do each other's hair and stay up all night or break out the cards and beer and be ready to call your friends' bluff.

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