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Verdict Delivered in Bob Hewson Civil Trial

Bob Hewson Bob Hewson
Picture of Gail Tice Picture of Gail Tice
Anthony Ambrose, Tice's son Anthony Ambrose, Tice's son

JANUARY 25, 2006 -- In less than an hour, all 12 jurors reached a unanimous verdict in the Bob Hewson civil trial. Gail Tice's murder should cost the convicted killer $12 million. Using a legal formula, Judge Jack Hooks lowered the award to $8 million.

Tice's family members say they are pleased with the dollar amount the jury came back with. Tice's son Anthony Ambrose says this isn't about money. It's about sending a message to the community.

"This is about a way to make sure he gets punished to the maximum extent possible, and that he can't profit in any way from murdering my mother," says Ambrose.

Hewson didn't react to the verdict, but he made gestures to the cameras throughout the morning. Hewson was acting as his own lawyer. He declined to make any closing arguments and he did ask for a mistrial. He objected to Attorney Bill Boney's closing arguments numerous times. For Ambrose, Hewson's antics in the courtroom this week come as no surprise.

"There's an old adage, the person who represents himself has a fool for a client and I think he proved that very clear in this case," says Ambrose.

In the matter of money, Hewson convinced the judge that he couldn't even afford his own lawyer. Tice's family says money was never the point of the lawsuit. They just wanted to make sure he didn't profit in any way from the murder.

Reported by Ashley Hayes

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