Carolina Beach Marina Threatened by Runoff

JANUARY 19, 2006 -- As large Carolina Beach developments go up, they're digging up the dirty issue of who is responsible for the runoff. Road and building debris has to go somewhere, and when it rains, Randy Simon says it pours right into the marina he manages on St. Joseph's Street.

Simon says the problem is that the silt and street sand from the town flows through a drain pipe into a waterway and it fills up the boat slips in the marina.

"Our marine operation is being damaged severely, to the point where if it continues the marina will have to be shut down," says owner Mona Black.

Black says last year she spent $12,000 dredging two of her most endangered boat slips. Those slips are already filling back up.

Black and Simon say they've been asking the town council for help for two years. After listening to the case twice, Planning and Zoning Chairman Dan Wilcox asked the council to investigate.

Mayor Bill Clark was unavailable for comment, but a town spokeswoman says they are consulting their attorneys and insurance agency about the issue.

Simon and Black will continue watching and waiting. They're hoping in the meantime their business doesn't go down the drain.

Reported by Ashley Hayes