Local Actors Look to Golden Globes for Inspiration

Chris Caraway and Rebecca Orsak watch the Golden Globes
Chris Caraway and Rebecca Orsak watch the Golden Globes

JANUARY 17, 2006 -- There's intense interest in the Golden Globes in the Wilmington area because so many people along the Carolina coast are involved in the movie business. One of them, a promising actor, watched the broadcast along with WECT'S Sarah Warlick.

Chris Caraway is a local actor, and like Siskel and Ebert, he gave the Golden Globes one thumb up and one thumb down. He says he's surprised by some of the winners and disappointed with others.

Caraway and his girlfriend Rebecca Orsak are both actors looking to make it big, and Monday night they settled in to see if their role models took home a Golden Globe award.

Caraway says he feels like the awards ceremony favored new shows and underdogs and put good writing and good acting out of the spotlight. But it wasn't all disappointment. Reese Witherspoon won Best Actress for her role as June Carter in "Walk the Line." Caraway says her win gives lesser known actors hope for recognition.

Caraway may hope to one day win his own award for his talent. He is trying to break into the industry while living in Wilmington.

Reported by Sarah Warlick