Historic Wilmington House Gets a New Home

JANUARY 14, 2006 -- A recent project in Wilmington has been more than 100 years in the making.

Carolyn Caldwell, the owner of a Queen Ann style home built in 1890, wanted to restore the home instead of having it demolished.

Movers and designers started early Saturday morning, working to save the historical home. The house was lifted from its original location on 3rd Street and moved to Chestnut Street.

The project is close to Caldwell, a Wilmington woman who simply wants to preserve history. For Caldwell, it was a natural decision to relocate the house instead of seeing it demolished.

It will take months to restore and bring it back to its historical integrity. It will also take time to discover just how many treasures the house has to offer. There's evidence the house is made out of materials pre-dating 1890. The discoveries make this massive move worth all the time and effort.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson