Woman Shares Heartwarming Reunion with Dog

JANUARY 13, 2006 -- A Louisiana woman who lost nearly everything in Hurricane Kartina has been reunited with her dog in Wilmington. The aftermath of the devastating hurricane has been difficult for Lenniece Morrell and her dog.

Thanks to Debra Ross of Nevada and Pat Nowak of Wilmington, Lenniece Morrell is finally with her Sir Romeo.

After Katrina, Romeo was sent to a shelter in Monroe, Louisiana. It was at that shelter that Romeo stole volunteer Debra Ross's heart.

Romeo's journey brought him to Wilmington under the care of Carolina Canines.After arriving in Wilmington, Romeo then stole Pat Nowak's heart.

After months of searching, Romeo's owner was found. Morrell came to Wilmington to celebrate Romeo's 9th birthday. Until Morrell gets back on her feet in Louisiana, Romeo will be staying with Nowak in Wilmington.

Reported by Sarah Warlick