Prison Escapee Captured in Brunswick Co.

McKermit Casiano
McKermit Casiano

JANUARY 9, 2006 -- A fugitive is back behind bars after less than 24 hours on the loose.

McKermit Angel Casiano Velasco, known as McKermit Casiano, is back in the hands of law enforcement. He escaped from the Carteret Correctional Center Sunday evening where he was serving a four month sentence.

Authorities thought he might be headed towards Brunswick County where he had previously been charged with rape, robbery, and kidnapping. When officals in Brunswick County learned Casiano was on the loose, they stepped up patrols.

Just after 2:00 Monday afternoon, he was spotted with a woman in the Holden Beach area.

Annette Cortez was also arrested with Casiano. Her charges are pending.

Reported by Sarah Warlick