NBC Series Sparks Controversy

JANUARY 7, 2005 -- The debate over the new NBC show "The Book of Daniel" continued Friday night as the first episode premiered.

WECT reporter Sarah Warlick sat down with a group of people to watch the first episode. We wanted to hear their reaction.

The show is about an Episcopal priest named Daniel Webster who has a highly dysfunctional family. Throughout the show Webster sees and talks to Jesus.

Travis Peterson watched the show Friday night.

"It's not as bad I thought, but it's a bad representation. It makes Christians out to be hypocrites and that's not the case," said Peterson.

Camilla Weber also watched the show.

"It was very extreme. I hope no one family would have all those problems," said Weber.

Despite the controversy, there are more chapters in "The Book of Daniel." For as long as people tune in and the ratings back the show, NBC will continue to air the show every Friday night.

Reported by Sarah Warlick