COPY-Truck, Body Recovered After Accident on Snow's Cut Bridge

DECEMBER 26, 2005 -- The search beneath Snow's Cut Bridge began as Christmas Eve became Christmas Day. Rescue crews knew that a truck traveling north out of Carolina Beach broke through the guardrail and into the dark waters below.

What soon became a recovery effort instead of a rescue attempt resumed Monday morning after being halted Christmas Day due to strong currents and poor visibility. Divers went in the water to spot the truck just after 9:00am. The black Chevrolet pick-up was slowly pulled out of the waterway and was back on dry land at 10:15am.

The body of 37-year-old Leland resident Archie Frank Ragavage, Jr. was found still in the driver's seat.

Law enforcement now awaits autopsy results to determine if alcohol or any other substance was a factor in the crash.

Reported by Joe Keiley