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Update on Abron Kelly

Abron Kelly Abron Kelly
Abron Kelly Abron Kelly

DECEMBER 29, 2005 -- Singing the national anthem a capella in a crowded shopping mall parking lot is an awesome challenge.  But it's one young Abron Kelly is up for.

WECT first aired Abron's story back in May.  That's when, just before Mother's Day, she received a kidney transplant from her mother, Debra.  Abron has a rare and potentially lethal kidney disease. That transplant didn't work.

Now Abron goes to Duke hospital for dialysis twice a week.  She is weak.  She doesn't eat, and she is missing out.  Abron says she wishes she had the strength to jump on her trampoline.

Duke is looking for potential donors for Abron, but it is a slow process. There are no guarantees. Right now, Abron is hoping one of her brothers will qualify as a kidney donor. In the months to come, we'll keep you updated on her progress.

Reported by Jim Hanchett

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