Wilmington Man Remembers Tsunami Victims

DECEMBER 26, 2005 -- Monday was the one year anniversary of the tsunami that devastated Southern Asia.

An observance in Sri Lanka was one of many across the region to honor the 216,000 people who died during the natural disaster.

One Wilmington man did his part to help people in the aftermath of the killer wave. Tim Buie was a piano player at Wilson's Restaurant in Wilmington. As a benefit for tsunami victims, Buie played the piano for more than 61 hours and raised more than $1,600 for tsunami relief efforts.

He says he was glad to be able to help out and donate to the people who lost everything in the tsunami.

On a larger scale, President Bush said he is proud of the efforts and generosity of the American people in the tsunami's aftermath. He hopes that people will continue to help the tsunami-damaged countries and their citizens.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer