COPY-Consider This: Dangers of Drunk Driving

NOVEMBER 30, 2005 -- At last count, nearly 2,100Americans have been killed in the war in Iraq. While that's an enormous number, it's small compared to the number of victims in another war we're fighting here at home, the war against drunk drivers.

Nearly 17,000 people lost their lives to drunk drivers in this country last year. That's an average of one death every thirty minutes. In North Carolina, 356 people were victims in 2004. That's almost one death per day.

While the number of DWI's rose last year, the crackdown to get those drivers off the road is increasing as well. The Wilmington Police Department and New Hanover County Sheriff's Department announced last week there will be a minumum of one checkpoint per month in the county. In addition, there will be a huge combined checkpoint including the beach community police departments in December. That should really bring attention to the problem in our area.

So this holiday season, enjoy the parties, but drink responsibly. If you drink, don't get behind the wheel. Use a designated driver or call a cab. Don't take a chance on getting arrested for DWI or, worse yet, bringing tragedy into another family's life.

That's what we think. Tell us what you think.