New Meters Mean More Accurate Electricity Bills

NOVEMBER 30, 2005 -- You may find yourself spending less to heat your home this winter. Progress Energy is changing the way it reads meters by updating their workers' dial meters to digital meters.

Right now, Progress Energy can read about 400 meters a day. By using digital meters, they'll be able to read 10,000 meters a day.

Kathy Small works with Progess Energy and says the digital meters mean more accurate readings.

"If a customer has a dog or fence, we might not be able to read the meter, so we would have to estimate customers' bills. With the new meters that are digital, they send out a radio signal. We'll be able to pick that up even if the customer has a dog or a fence. We'll just drive by and get the meter reading," says Small.

All Progress Energy meters will be updated to digital by June 2006.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer