Consider This: The Toughest Job at the Station

I’m frequently asked what the toughest job at the station is. News Director, managing the news staff and the content of the day’s newscasts? Chief Engineer, keeping all of the equipment maintained so the station operates uninterrupted 24/7? Sales Manager, generating ad revenue so the station can offer its programming free to every viewer?

They’re all challenging, but the toughest job is Receptionist. WECT receives hundreds of calls every day…most part of the daily TV station business, but many from viewers with questions, concerns and criticisms. It’s a tough job, made tougher by viewers who, unhappy for one reason or another, take it out on them. Please remember, we want to hear from you, but our receptionists have no control over technical difficulties, programming decisions, Presidential press conferences, talk show topics, or the content of our newscasts or NBC programs. They’re good, hard-working people who want to answer your questions or direct you to someone who can. Please speak to them the way you’d like to be spoken to if you were doing that job. That’s what we think…tell us what you think!