Wilmington Resident Reaches Out to Hurricane Katrina Victim

Marie Cenac
Marie Cenac
Peggy Boney
Peggy Boney

NOVEMBER 22, 2005 -- A story on NBC Nightly News that aired here on WECT has changed the life of a Louisiana teenager.

Maria Cenac lost her clothes and everything else in Hurricane Katrina.

Peggy Boney, a Wilmington resident, went home from work and turned on her television, just days after the hurricane. In that moment, Peggy Boney came face to face with Marie Cenac.

Marie was featured in an NBC story on Louisiana high school students who had lost everything in the aftermath of the catastrophic storm.

Boney called WECT to find out how to contact Marie. We put her in touch with the high school. They faxed Boney information about Marie, including her clothing sizes and her favorite color.

Boney went shopping at Belks but before she even shipped the package, she got a personal note from Marie. Marie told Boney her family was split apart and that she was living in a trailer.

Three weeks after Boney sent the package, sge received a beautiful card in the mail, along with a photo of Marie and her family. They were in a temporary home and life was getting back to normal for Marie.

Boney plans to help Marie in any way she can. Marie is grateful for the help she received from a person with such a generous heart, during such a hard time in her life. Peggy Boney is happy that she could bring joy to a teenager's hard life.

Reported by Jim Hanchett