Hewson's Hand Gestures Analyzed

NOVEMBER 9, 2005 -- Tuesday's verdict means Robert Hewson will spend the rest of his days in prison, but day after day Hewson made sure his short walks to court past our camera were memorable.

It's comforting to many that he's now out of sight, however his unique hand gestures are far from out of mind.

One day Hewson flashed a peace sign, or maybe it was V for victory. Other gestures we can't even explain.

Why did he do it? WECT asked veteran defense attorney Thom Goolsby who had no connection to this case.  Goolsby says it could have been because of stress or maybe he liked the attention.

It will be awhile before Hewson has another chance to perform for a television camera. He's beginning his appeal process in the solitude of a jail cell.

For now Hewson is being held in the New Hanover County Jail. Officials say he's started serving his sentence and will be at the jail until the Department of Corrections can make room for him at another facility.

Reported by Ashley Hayes