Consider This: Highway Infrastructure

Years ago, we were told the reason Southeastern North Carolina had not kept up with the rest of the state in transportation improvements was because elected officials in Raleigh failed to work together with the DOT. Four decades after The Parkway was first discussed, it is finally here. And now our local legislative delegation in Raleigh deserves some of the credit for pushing the issue.

But as a result of the failure to come to terms for highway projects for so long in Southeastern North Carolina, we are behind. When you pass through Raleigh, Charlotte, or Greensboro, you see enough complicated mazes, bridges and overpasses to make your head swim.

A look at our local infrastructure clearly shows we have been forgotten. Remember, for a long time we had just one overpass, the Market Street overpass, which doubled as a snow trail when we had one of those rare dustings.

Let's hope our senators and representatives continue to work together and push as hard for the proposed new Skyway Bridge.

As one local official said recently, “The new roads should help reduce our traffic headaches and return Wilmington to the quaint city it used to be.” It is long overdue. That's what we think, tell us what you think.