Consider This: What was the DOT Thinking?

Last week, we celebrated opening the final leg of the MLK, Jr. Parkway . Then, we drove it and a question arose, “What were they thinking?” It’s a great highway that will help relieve the congestion plaguing the Market Street corridor. The new section is a 4-lane divided highway with exit and merging lanes, turnpike entrance and exit ramps, and a 45 MPH speed limit! Don’t get us wrong; we believe in the right speed for conditions, but 45 on that road is excruciating! If we’re allowed to drive 50 on Shipyard Boulevard with its stoplights, retail driveways and residential street entrances; and 55 on Carolina Beach Road, approaching one of the area’s busiest intersections at Monkey Junction; why would the speed limit on a super-highway like the MLK be 45? We asked the Wilmington PD. They said NC DOT sets the limits on state highways. We called them and they said they’d get back to us. That was a week ago and no word yet! So, enjoy the new parkway, but watch your speed, at least until DOT comes to its senses. That’s what we think…tell us what you think!