Some Residents Oppose Future Wal-Mart

OCTOBER 19, 2005 -- Some residents of several neighborhoods in Ogden are asking for quiet. They say a planned Wal-Mart superstore on Market Street will bring nothing but noise.

At a rally at an Ogden church Tuesday night, it's clear it's an emotional issue.

The Ogden Wal-Mart will be the fourth addition to the Wilmington area and some people are questioning the need. Another concern is added traffic in an already congested area of Wilmington. That has some parents saying it's too close for comfort.

Dan Multon is on the Jacob's Ridge homeowners association. He says whether residents want it or not, Wal-Mart is coming.

"I would prefer it not to be there, but if it has to be there I would like it to work with us, and not infringe on our safety," says Multon.

The Wal-Mart site won't need a zoning change, so it's an uphill fight for the residents. They say they'll talk to any official they can find about their objections. In short, they're not going to be quiet.

The group hopes to file an objection to the plan with the Army Corps of Engineers. The deadline to do that is ten days from now.

Reported by Sarah Warlick