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Mother Speaks Out About Son's Death

William Morgan William Morgan
Betty Morgan Betty Morgan

OCTOBER 18, 2005 -- Betty Morgan received a phone call from a neighbor Monday night, saying her son William was involved in a terrible accident on North College Road. It's a road Morgan says her 27-year-old son had walked almost since he was born.

"I didn't think it was an accident, accident like that, and I went down there and they asked me was he allergic to anything and I said no. And they was working on him. Next thing I know thay just covered him. He was dead. Just like that," says Betty Morgan.

Evidence of how serious the accident was could be seen Tuesday along North College Road. Pieces of the car were in the grass and two orange markers represented where Morgan's shoes were found. About 90 feet away there's another marker where Morgan's body was found.

Troopers say Morgan was hit by a van driven by 19-year-old Geronimo Hernandez of Burgaw. Hernandez is only ticketed for driving with a suspended license. Investigators apparently don't believe he's to blame for Morgan's death.

Betty Morgan was hoping for a tougher charge.

"I just think there ought to be tougher laws on people that kill somebody, or accident somebody, without no driver's license. I mean I know the DWI-ers get it, but if you ain't got no license, you shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car."

Morgan now has to explain her son's death to his 7-year-old daughter. Then another hard thing. Betty Morgan has to prepare to bury her son.

Reported by Nicole Ferguson

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