Readers Hope to Break Record

OCTOBER 18, 2005 -- If you have fond memories of storytime as a child, head to a Wilmington bookstore this week and you can have storytime all night long.

The Cape Fear Literacy Council is hoping the event puts the spotlight on a sad fact. The group says one in every four New Hanover County adults can't read.

The literacy council is camping out at the Mayfaire Town Center Barnes and Noble this week in an attempt to break a world record. The event is called "Race for Literacy, Read for Literacy."

Four people take turns reading aloud in one hour increments. The readers can't leave Barnes and Noble until Friday night when the contest ends. Until then they're camping out in a tent right in the middle of the store.

The current world record for reading aloud continuously is 100 hours, 33 minutes. The literacy council wants to go 105 hours straight this week.