MLK Parkway to Open This Weekend

OCTOBER 14, 2005 -- After delays due to weather, work is being completed to open the final two sections of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway in Wilmington.

Officials expect traffic to be ready to travel on the road by Sunday.

The work is being done in several stages. The Isabel Holmes Bridge will be closed to traffic Friday at midnight until 6:00 Saturday morning. The bridge will be closed the same hours Saturday night. This is being done to allow for additional paving and marking of the roadway.

Drivers will be diverted in several directions as they come off Castle Hayne Road near the MLK Parkway, and only local traffic will be allowed through. Other drivers will have to find detours to 23rd Street and other parts of the parkway.

Department of Transportation officials are telling drivers to pay attention to the signs. They hope by Monday morning, all traffic patterns will finally be set up and vehicles will be able to travel smoothly.

Reported by Joe Keiley