Thieves Steal Bullet Proof Vests from Brunswick Community College

OCTOBER 10, 2005 -- Authorities say thieves knew what they were doing at Brunswick Community College when they stole 20 bullet proof vests from a law enforcement training classroom.

The vests were being used to train future police officers.

Sheriff Ron Hewett is worried enough to alert law enforcement officials nationwide.

Officials say whoever is responsible for the robbery gained access through a door after smashing out the glass and unscrewing the motion detectors. Sheriff Hewett says the thieves were in and out within a matter of minutes.

"It was well orchestrated. They left thousands of dollars worth of equipment behind. They are planning a crime. The best vests are hard to get your hands on. One of the largest shooting ranges in Wilmington doesn't even carry them," says Hewett.

Sheriff Hewett believes the thieves are up to no good. That's why he has alerted officers across the country.

Hewett say the vests may be in a large red duffle bag. Please contact the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office if you have any information on the crime.

Reported by Sarah Warlick