Candidates Campaign at Last Minute Before Election Day

Harper Peterson
Harper Peterson
Spence Broadhurst
Spence Broadhurst

OCTOBER 10, 2005 -- Time is ticking down for Harper Peterson and Spence Broadhurst to persuade Wilmington voters they're the right man for mayor.

At K & W Cafeteria in Wilmington Monday, Broadhurst was energetic and optimistic as he seeks a second term.

"This is an exciting time. We just can't wait until tomorrow," says Broadhurst.

Challenger Harper Peterson went door-to-door at Eastwood Village hoping his low-budget approach to the office wins him another shot at a job he's held before.

"We're touching base with supporters and visiting neighborhoods," says Peterson.

Campaigning is nothing new to these candidates. Two years ago they battled for the same seat when Broadhurst beat Peterson by several thousand votes. What's different now is the issues.

Broadhurst, a Democrat, is pushing for growth. He believes a downtown convention center will bring money and jobs.

Peterson, also a Democrat, says the city's growing too fast and a downtown convention center could end up costing taxpayers.

But it's the voters who will decide. The polls open at 6:30 Tuesday morning and close at 7:30 in the evening. A few minutes after the polls close, we should know whether Broadhurst or Peterson will be Wilmington's next mayor.

Reported by Maggie Alexander