Burlington Man Dies in Weekend Boating Accident

OCTOBER 10, 2005 -- The Coast Guard says rough seas are to blame for the fatal boat accident that killed 50-year-old Bob Compton and left three others injured.

Compton, from Burlington, died when a large wave capsized the small boat. John Kahle, Will Williams, and Teresa Williams were all rescued when the boat overturned.

"It's believed that the vessel was transiting outbound in Carolina Beach, and took between six to ten foot waves, and capsized it inside the inlet," says Petty Officer Jason Chapa.

Chapa says John Kahle was aboard the 19 foot boat when it capsized. He was able to get help.

"He was believed to be hurt. I guess some broken ribs. He did make it to the beach to call 911 and notify them," says Chapa.

Right after News 6 interviewed Chapa, Coast Guard alarms went off. A capsized boat was found, causing Chapa and fellow coast guard officers to rush to the rescue. It ended up being the boat from the night before.

"We got another report of another boat that overturned, and it turned out to be the same boat that was in Carolina Beach," says Chapa.

The Coast Guard says when the waters are rough, people should be cautious when they take their boat out.

"There's always mariners out there that think they can brave all, and we just ask that they keep an eye on the weather. It can change out there in a matter of minutes," says Chapa.

Reported by Kacey Gaumer