Consider This: The Wilmington Municipal Election

Next Tuesday, voters in Wilmington will decide who will lead the city for the next twenty-four months in the races for Mayor and City Council. And… unlike the election for mayor two years ago, when there were eight candidates running… this year's election will be decided between just two men. Current Mayor Spence Broadhurst is being challenged by the man he replaced two years ago, former Mayor Harper Peterson. There is a world of difference between the two, and you should do your homework.

Out of eleven candidates for the City Council race… there are three incumbents. And in this race, there is a puzzling question a lot of people are asking. How can an elected official ask citizens to re-elect her and, at the same time, have a lawsuit against the city she is elected to serve? That answer will come with next week’s election results.

Don't let a handful of people decide who will be elected. You have a right, and an obligation, to go to the polls next week and vote…and, if you don’t, you have no room to complain.

That's what we think….now, tell us what you think.