NEED TO KNOW: Storm debris removal information

NEED TO KNOW: Storm debris removal information

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - City and county leaders are moving quickly to hire contractors for debris removal. Pickup will start in the public right-of-ways, then move to curbside pickup. Once those household pickup schedules are announced, we'll update this story on

Click here if you're looking for information about regular garbage pickup schedules.

You are encouraged to start moving your debris curbside, and organize it into three sections: Construction debris, vegetative debris, and white goods.

Construction Debris includes items like water or wind damaged mattresses, furniture, boards, sheetrock, shingles, plywood, etc... Only construction debris resulting from Hurricane Florence will be removed.

Vegetative Debris includes cut limbs or downed trees cut into manageable lengths.

White Goods include damaged refrigerators, air conditioners, appliances, etc... Remove all food items from damaged refrigerators or freezers and toss that out with the regular garbage.

In Whiteville, a temporary disposal site for vegetative debris only is set up at 304 Dow Road. Any yard waste can be place in the southwest corner of the site, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Do not dispose of any other waste there.

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