Blogging couple plans to ride out Hurricane Florence on their boat

What will happen to my boat in Hurricane Florence?

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - There's an old saying "a captain goes down with his ship."

But that's not what Burton Bridges has in mind as he and his wife ride out the storm over the next few days on their 60-year-old yacht.

"We sold everything we had and wanted to live on a boat," Bridges said. "It's a unique lifestyle and unique community."

The Bridges have been through several storms since their lives turned upside down and they moved onto a boat back in 2014. Now, instead of evacuating inland because of Hurricane Florence, they're hoping to float it out.

"Social media is so powerful; Facebook is so powerful. I mean I can talk to the world," said Dee Bridges who is blogging about the experience at the Port City Marina.

She sees this as a chance to pass along important information and updated conditions to the dozens of boat owners who are riding out the storm in their own way. Many of the marina's boat owners are not local and are appreciative of Dee's commitment to sharing her updates in real time.

"I think people are grateful to know what's going on," Dee said. "I can't save everything and know when it's time to go. I'm a mom and a woman, so I always expect the worst."

The Bridges are hoping this is by far a worst case scenario. Their biggest concern isn't the wind that's expected to pound southeast North Carolina over the next several days. They are worried about the rain and how it will affect the river levels in the days to come.

"We'll see. It's all unexpected at this time. We've never been through this type of storm," Bridges said. "But we've got a ditch bag with important papers and things we need if we realize it's time to go."

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