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FIRST ALERT: Keeping an eye on the River Stages

Rainfall of one to two and locally three feet from Hurricane Florence continues to bring extensive, long-lasting, and in many cases record-setting river flooding across southeastern North Carolina. As feared, flooding is occurring in some areas that have never had flooding before.  



Biggest threats: NC 411 West of the bridge over The Black River will be impassible. Riley Town and Wright Bridge Roads just West of US 701 near Ingold will also be impassible. Flooding is projected to be worse than Matthew. The Clear Run Community adjacent to the NC411 Bridge will begin flooding. NC411 will be closed West of the bridge. 


Biggest threats: Twelve miles of Highway 53 are underwater and in some cases 7 feet deep between the Northeast Cape Fear bridge and Maple Hill. All homes including 60 in River Bend, 20 to 25 in River Birch and 12 in the Alligator Lake subdivision are flooded. Twenty to 30 homes in Holly Shelter estates are underwater. In the Sandy Bend subdivision, off Shaw Highway, 40 to 50 homes, which is half of the homes in the subdivision sustain flooding. Portions of Croomsbridge, Island Creek and White Stocking Roads are underwater. Water will reach the elevation of the instrument shelter in the USGS well house. Extensive flooding will occur along the all reaches of the river.


Biggest threats: 

Floodwaters come within 40 feet of the Pepsi plant on Chippewa Street. Flooding deepens in the Pines Area and between the Pepsi plant and the river. Dozens of homes will be isolated or inundated in these areas. Several roads will be closed including Chickenfoot Road, Hestertown Road, and Noir Street. Portions of Kite Road may be impassable and Stephenson Park will be closed.

WE KNOW LESS ABOUT THE MANY SMALLER RIVERS AND STREAMS, BUT... rainfall tallies and other storm-related and pre-existing conditions suggest flooding is assuming a character as bad or worse than that of Hurricanes Floyd and Matthew. Rivers that fit this mold include, but are not limited to, the Waccamaw, the Shallotte, the Lockwood Folly, the Black, the Brunswick, and Town Creek. An interactive river stage interface is available at

PLEASE HEED THE ADVICE OF EMERGENCY OFFICIALS and, if and when you are told to evacuate a river flood zone, do so.

PLEASE BE PATIENT IN TRAVEL as river flooding is likely to significantly interrupt roads and other infrastructure across the Cape Fear Region.

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