Wilmington mayor inadvertently screens call from White House

President Trump calls Mayor Saffo for support

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - There are times when your cell phone rings during inconvenient moments.

It happened to Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo during a media briefing Thursday on the incoming approach of Hurricane Florence.

At first, the mayor screened the call, but when the number from Washington D.C. popped up again, the mayor knew something was up.

"It was the White House and they said the president would like to speak with you and I was like 'of course,'" Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said.

Mayor Saffo says President Trump called him, with Vice President Mike Pence in the room, to offer support as Hurricane Florence made its approach to the coast.

"He offered any kind of assistance at the federal level," Saffo said. "He said he's been watching the storm. He's been getting updates on the track of the storm.  He understands this is a pretty significant event for our community.  He just wanted me to know that anything he can do as the president and the resources of the federal government are at our disposal and we appreciate him for calling."

The mayor said he appreciated President Trump taking time out of his schedule to think of the Port City during this time.

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