Carolina Beach Fire Department orders residents off island in mandatory evacuation

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) - The Carolina Beach Fire Department was out in neighborhoods Wednesday afternoon ordering residents to leave the island in preparation for Hurricane Florence.

Over a bull horn, "This is a mandatory evacuation. All residents must be off the island by 8 p.m. Inbound traffic on the bridge will be closed," was overheard throughout the island.

As the fire engines drove past her home, Karen Linehan, who lives near the fire station was gathering her things and putting the finishing touches on her house before evacuating to Raleigh.

Linehan has lived in her house in Carolina Beach since the early 90's.

She said the only storm she has ever left for was Hurricane Fran. She stayed for Floyd and Bonnie.

"[Bonnie] was a very intense experience," Linehan said. "We were in a house that was not built to hurricane standard. We looked up several times and could swear we could see the roof pop off several times. But we made it through the eye."

This time, she says she's not taking any chances.

"We knew from the start we'd be leaving," Linehan said.

She said she has magnolia trees in her front yard that are 50 plus years old and is nervous about what they might do to her house.

"They're older now and more brittle at the top and very close to the house," Linehan said. "We're concerned they could break off and cause damage to the roof."

There is also a mandatory curfew in effect on the island starting at 8 p.m. Wednesday. If anyone is seen on the island past 8 p.m. Wednesday, they face fines and may be escorted off the island.

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