Safety rules to follow for using portable generator

Safety rules to follow for using portable generator

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - When a hurricane knocks out power, having a portable generator can make life a little easier.

However, when operating a generator, there are a few rules you must follow.

"Do not run that generator (indoors) with the door closed," said Scott Miller of Cape Fear Generators in Wilmington. "It's just like running a car. It's carbon monoxide."

You also must take precautions when gassing it up. The exhaust is hot and could create fire so make sure you refuel it outside.

Also, read the owner's manual for your unit and know the limits of what it can power.

"You are not going to run your whole house on a portable generator," said Miller. "It's very unlikely that a portable can handle that."

Chances are you will need to pick one thing to power up.

"Smaller ones, you are going to be running your refrigerator, charging a phone, maybe your computer, watching your TV, watching the news," said Miller. "Beyond that, you are asking it to do more than it's capable of."

Generators are much like a vehicle. When running for many hours, they need to be checked and serviced.

You also want to make sure the plug on the cords has the third ground plug and keep them dry.

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