Endless love: Couple married 65 years pass away 10 days apart

Columbus County couple married 65 years die 10 days apart
Melton and Edith McPherson, married for 65 years, passed away just 10 days apart. (Source: McPherson family)
Melton and Edith McPherson, married for 65 years, passed away just 10 days apart. (Source: McPherson family)

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Marriage is for eternity, and Edith and Melton McPherson are a shining example of that phrase.

We first met them on Valentine's Day in 2016, when they shared advice on what makes a marriage last.

"He means a lot to me. I just wouldn't want to go on without him," said Edith McPherson in 2016.

And she didn't. Edith McPherson lived just 10 days without her husband Melton.

"Brother Melton and Sister Edith, they were sweet lovebirds," said Pastor Buddy Shay and the couple's funeral Friday in Beaverdam.

The lovebirds met as children and grew up on the same street in Columbus County. Seven decades later, their coffins sat side by side.

"They met and fell in love in the 1940's and were married in 1952," said daughter Lisa Sellers-Nance. "Then, my father went to serve in the Korean War and wrote my mama love letters every day."

It was an unparalleled love that lasted nearly 66 years.

Melton died Aug 18. Edith died August 28, only going on a few days without her soulmate.

"They had a love and a connection that I could only pray to have one day," said Sellers-Nance. "They were just the best people anyone could ever ask to be."

They spent their lives devoted to their family and their church, but most importantly each other.

"It is almost like when you have been together 65 and half years you know what the other one is thinking. It was just very special," said son, Michael McPherson.

The final days of their journey were spent side by side at a hospice center. Both were weak and unable to speak, but couldn't bear to be apart.

"They had their beds side by side," said Sellers-Nance. "They took their hands and placed them together on a pillow in the center of the two beds. Those hands didn't move the entire night."

That image and their love will stay with those who knew the couple.

"The staff used to come in and say this is the hospice version of The Notebook movie and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt of mama and daddy could have written their last chapter so to speak in life that they wouldn't have wanted it any other way," said Sellers-Nance.

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