Man kneels on Wilmington street corner in honor of John McCain

Man kneels on Wilmington street corner in honor of John McCain

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - People around the country are grieving the loss of former presidential candidate Senator John McCain, including those here in Southeastern North Carolina.

A Wilmington man spent his day kneeling on the corner of South College Road and Oleander Drive to show people what McCain meant to him.

Dressed in all black and holding an American flag at half-staff and a sign with McCain's name on it, John Harvey took today to remember the impact McCain made on the lives of the American people.

"He did the right thing because of what he believed in," Harvey said. "He wasn't afraid to speak up and speak up and out. He was genuinely concerned for the American people and citizens. He fought with honor in the war. He was an American hero and I'm trying to honor that."

Harvey said he hopes McCain's death will help remind people in our country about what is important.

"Honor, respect, dignity, hope, intelligence, kindness and compassion," Harvey said. "I just thought maybe if I got out here, it might make people think about that stuff that is in us."

Harvey appreciates McCain's service to our country and said although he was never in the military himself, he had family members who were.

"My father was a Lt. Colonel. My uncle was a fighter pilot," Harvey said. "And I just believe that honor and integrity makes the USA a place other people want to come to from around the world because they come here thinking that we're going to do the right thing. And John McCain was one of those guys who was trying to do the right thing."

Harvey started kneeling at noon on Sunday. He said he plans to continue kneeling for as long as he could.

While Harvey was on the corner, many people brought him water and thanked him for what he was doing.

Harvey said it was "a little hot, but it's worth it for John McCain."

"He meant that doing the right thing is bigger than party divide. Left and right," Harvey said when asked what John McCain meant to him.

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