Doctors should 'prescribe' more playtime for children, report says

Doctors should 'prescribe' more playtime for children, report says

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends doctors write children a prescription for playtime every day.

According to Dr. David Hill who helped write the report, playing helps with childcare's development. It can also help them learn better and improve their problem-solving skills.

"We're more and more recognizing that child development and health depends on factors all around the child: their relationships, their environment, how they interact with people around them exercise, sleep, diet and pediatricians are increasingly embracing this holistic approach to child development," Dr. Hill said.

The report recommends play prescriptions for children up to two years old, but Dr. Hill said playtime is crucial for kids of all ages. Play can qualify as pretty much anything, playing outside, playing board games, etc.

"When we think about play, we think that it's not work, that it's not important, it's too much fun to be important, but the fact is that play contributes tremendously to children's intellectual, social and physical development," he said.

According to Dr. Hill, kids' reliance to technology was a big part of releasing this report. He said staring at a device doesn't help kids develop.

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