Himalayan Salt Cave for healing could be coming to Wilmington

Himalayan Salt Cave for healing could be coming to Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A Wilmington woman is working to bring a Himalayan Salt Cave to the Port City.

Liana Belanich hosted a kick off event for Prana Salt Cave Sunday at Hugh MacRae Park.

"I started Prana Salt Cave because I wanted to be able to help more people with their life experiences and how to deal with their emotions and how to deal with their physical disabilities or illnesses that might be going on so it's going to be a safe place for healing, connection, love, and nurturing," said Belanich.

The kick off had free massages, a yoga class, raffles, and information about Himalayan Pink Salt.

"It's an anti-inflammatory, it's anti-bacterial so it helps to decrease inflammation in the lungs and airways. So they started popping up and just as the salt water helps us, it's just a different type of feeling so dry salt. When we breathe it in and it can also be grounding to be surrounded by the pink Himalayan salt all around us," Belanich said.

She plans to open a facility with a pink salt cave in addition to an area for yoga, massages, retail, and meditation.

"It's a man made cave with natural pink Himalayan salt. So there's gravel pink salt on the floors and then there's a wall so imagine bricks but with salt and it will look like a cave so we'll design the ceiling to have maybe some stars on it and it will look like a cave."

Belanich said the pink salts can help with respiratory issues, skin conditions, anxiety, sleep disorders and more.

Prana Salt Cave will be funded in part by a crowd funding campaign with a portion of proceeds going to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of North Carolina and Yoga Village.

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