Back to school tech advice for parents

Back to school tech advice for parents
Parents may need to shop for laptop or desktop computers to help their children get ready to go back to school. (Source: Digital trends)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Children going back to school will likely need a computer to complete their assignments, and experts have some helpful hints for parents to keep in mind as they begin their annual shopping trips.

Sascha Segan, the lead mobile analyst at, says the first tip for parents is to know what the students will need when it comes to a computer, as opposed to what they want.

"Of course, kids are going to demand or request the flashiest, coolest, most expensive product they see the fanciest people having," Segan says. "You (parents) should know there are great, more affordable alternatives that work really well in every category of device."

Segan says with classwork requiring online collaboration, older students will likely require a system they can use for several hours. Desktop models to provide some benefits over laptops, but laptops shine in portability. has some recommended models for as low as $300 to $400. Segan brought up two important items parents should look for in computer models to ensure top performance.

"You don't want your kids to be so frustrated with their computer that they are not getting their work done," Segan said. "The number one thing to look for in a laptop right now is an SSD drive. A Solid State storage Drive. Those tend to make the computers feel much faster. You also want to get, if possible 8 GB of memory as opposed to 4 GB. If you look for a laptop that has an SSD drive and 8 GB of memory, that will generally put you in the $500 to $800 range."

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