National Weather Service warns of jellyfish at area beaches

National Weather Service warns of jellyfish at area beaches
Small jellyfish stinging the feet of beachgoers caused the National Weather Service to issue a beach hazard on Thursday. (Source: Pixabay)

SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) - After rain washed out several possible beach days recently, people hoping to enjoy Wilmington-area beaches this week may be met with another obstacle.

The National Weather Service issued a beach hazard Thursday, saying jellyfish have been reported at multiple beaches in our area. NWS reported the jellyfish are small and mostly stinging the feet of beachgoers and advised anyone on the beach to heed the advice of lifeguards.

Sam Proffitt with the Wrightsville Beach Fire Department said while getting immediate relief from a sting isn't likely, there are steps to take to minimize the effects.

"In the event it's just a sting, when you have no other complications, just make sure you get the tentacles off," Proffitt said. "Typically use saltwater for that and then you can use something like vinegar or something like that to kind of help with the stinging.

"It's going to be very uncomfortable. There's really nothing you can do to stop it. It's just going to have to run its course."

Vinegar and hot water are the best options for reducing the pain of a sting and Proffitt said lifeguards have vinegar at their stands.

He added that a remedy many of us have heard — urinating on a jellyfish sting to relieve the pain — is a myth.

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