New alliance aims to support breastfeeding teachers

NEWS NOW: New alliance aims to support breastfeeding teachers

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The Educators Breastfeeding Alliance is launching a new program to empower breastfeeding mothers who want to continue their journey as they go back to teaching.

The goal is to serve as a resource to new and/or expecting parents and ensuring that early, exclusive and continued breastfeeding is made easily accessible for all New Hanover County School employees.

"This is not a struggle that's unique to educators, but it's surprising that in 2018 that we still have to fight for this right even though it is part of the law," said Sarah Veit, co-founder of the Educators Breastfeeding Alliance.

The alliance has about ten peer advocate volunteers set up, committed and ready to go throughout the county. There is room for more peer advocates to volunteer in the county for anyone interested.

This group is trying to assure mothers returning to work that they have someone in their corner to help advocate for them as they need help finding someone to cover their class if they need to express milk.

Using a classroom as a pumping space isn't usually a viable option as there are children in there all day.

"Having a designated space will alleviate that anxiety," Veit explained. "[It's] one less thing to worry about when you come back to work because you know there's a space available to you."

Veit said the alliance has already gotten positive feedback from teachers about this initiative.

"We shouldn't have to choose between our kid or someone else's kid," Veit said.

For more information on becoming a site-based advocate visit: or find the group on Facebook.

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